Pete LeBak's barber shop is a neighborhood institution in Prospect Park.  He's been here over 31 years.  Light rail has gone in on University Ave. now, and the work darn near wrecked Pete's business. But he has survived.  By the way, that's "Bug" (short for Ladybug) on the floor in her usual posture. She's about 110 in dog years.  Neighbors and friends got Pete some press and spread the word to help him make it through the construction gauntlet.  Pete was fixing to move out, but he thought back on the 31 years he'd been there, all the friends he'd made, and it got his back up.  Longtime customers stopped by to beg him not to go. So with help from his friends and neighbors, he's still here. Still trading stories with customers, and giving Bug a bit of his lunch.

Vietnam vet. Raconteur. Pundit. Analyst. And consummate barber.

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